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How to Start a Portable Welding Business

Starting a portable welding business require the services of clients and firms that lack welding supplies and expertise. A portable welding business is lucrative for a young entrepreneur who has the talent and which to establish his own small-scale business. This business plan needs procedures and little finance to set up; the most important tools needed are a welding helmet, miller welding helmet, and a welding machine. Welding business can generate a constant flow of income for a starter if only he has the required skills, certification, licensure, mobile equipment, and a Van. With these tools, you can market your products sell effectively.

Tips for a Successful Portable Welding Business

Mobile welders are in great demand either for a commercial or residential purpose in the industrialized nations. Before starting a portable welding business, there are several tips that are put into consideration for a successful welding business and they include.

  • Acquire a training and certification from a certified welding School

Before becoming a certified and skilled welder to enable you to start a portable welding business, you need to acquire knowledge of welding and fabrication by searching for the best convenient and affordable welding school to attend. This education obtained will help you obtain licensure that will make people know that you are a qualified and certified welder after passing the required exams.

  • Make a purchase of Welding Tools

This is the most important tool for starting up a portable welding business. Welding tools either can be bought as a new one or refurbished which depend on your financial status. Buying from discounted sales is a better choice because it would be cheaper. Welding equipment needed for a start are a Welding Helmet, Welding Machine, cutters, Welding glasses, Hoists, clamps, cable connectors, fume extractors, gas cylinders, and abrasives. Also needed are internet services, a laptop, and a van for easy transportation and communication.

  • Hire or Buy a Metal Fabrication Shop

Welding is a distinct field that requires skills and techniques to improve in all areas. If planning to start a small welding business, first you need to know the area you are good at, as this will help in advertising of yourself and products. You need an in-depth knowledge of both fabricating and building of products. You need to have the skills available for a perfect and better welding depending on your area of specialization because this is what will help in selling your products to clients.

  • Make Presentations of a professional Image

Small welding business requires mobility and easy means of carrying information to the required persons that are in need of welding supplies and services. Create a company logo, a website, business card, and telephone line for customers to call in. In other words, have a good portfolio that client for better services. Create provision for disseminating information about your services in your locality through sharing your business cards, signpost, and handbills or drop a brief note about your services in strategic locations.


In conclusion, these useful tips will serve as a guide in starting a portable welding business in respect of the location. Putting these tips according will make a perfect tool for opening your own small mobile welding business of your choice by obtaining the required welding supplies.

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