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Safety Suggestions about Personal Fall Protection Equipment

Fall protection equipment is very much needed when it comes to building and construction work. It doesn’t matter if you are installing new windows or actually creating the building from scratch there will come a time when you require certain fall protection equipment. Yet, there are thousands of people, some new to the trade, who don’t realize how costly it can be to forget about using the right fall protection equipment. Here are some suggestions you may want to consider when it comes to your safety whilst working.

Check the Condition of the Fall Protection Equipment before Every Use

Surprisingly there are many who grab their equipment and go to work before even checking on the things they are using. Now, not checking the condition of say a hammer or drill is one thing, but not checking the condition of your personal safety equipment is dangerous. Let’s say you didn’t check on the condition of your fall protection anchors and there was something wrong with them – they were faulty – you wouldn’t know about it until it was too late. Do not run the risk of falling off a building because you didn’t take the time to check.

Never Use Old or Broken Equipment

There comes a certain point when you need to take your personal safety into context and decide how at risk you want to be. Working on a construction or building site can be dangerous … Read the rest..

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How to Spot a Good Lanyard Maker

Retractable lanyards have become very popular and it isn’t difficult to see why. However, there are many who struggle to find a good maker for their customized lanyards. It can be a little tough to know for sure who to trust or turn to but it doesn’t always need to be an impossible task. The following are just a few methods that could help you to find the right lanyard maker.


First and foremost you want to look at what sort of reputation the company or lanyard maker has. Now, if the reputation is fairly good or is highly recommended then you know for sure you have found a good maker. However, if the reputation isn’t very good or isn’t what you would have hoped for you may be best looking elsewhere. The reputation of a company is what you must look for when searching for new lanyard services because the reputation tells you a lot about someone. If the reputation isn’t very good then you probably know they aren’t going to offer you what they need. Never forget to check out the reputation. Read more at http://www.weldingoutfitter.com/

Their Costs

Secondly you need to understand the sort of prices the company will charge for. Ideally you want a fairly inexpensive service but one which still offers quality. You can get both and this is something important to remember. Yes, price isn’t the only factor to consider but it remains … Read the rest..

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How Fall Protection Equipment Is Helpful For You?

Thousands of people don’t realize the important of fall protection equipment even though many require this for work. Each year there are hundreds, if not thousands of accidents occur and there are several hundred deaths also. That is a staggering amount of deaths and the number of people injured reaches into the tens of thousands but unfortunately building sites are always dangerous. One of the biggest concerns is with people falling to their deaths; so how can fall protection equipment help you stay safe?

Accidents Can Occur At Any Time

Fall protection equipment can be very help to you simply because they can keep you safe. You may not always find a good foothold and it can lead you to fall and in general a lot of accidents can occur during construction. However, fall protection equipment can help to reduce the risks and keep you a lot safer even if you lose your footing. Accidents happen all the time and in most cases, they are unexpected and very deadly but using safety equipment can help prevent more accidents from occurring. Click here to read more info about fall protection equipment.

Fall Protection Anchors Can Protect You from Falling

Anyone who has experience working on a tall building under construction will know and understand the risks. There will be risks from falling off beams and even falling over the side of a roof when completing basic tasks around the building and … Read the rest..

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Fall Protection Equipment and Construction Sites

Fall protection equipment is vastly becoming one of the most needed tools for construction sites and workers around the world. It isn’t difficult to see why because if there is no fall protection elements in place, people can get hurt very quickly. The use of protection equipment to prevent falls is necessary whether the construction site is two stores high or two hundred. However, what fall protection equipment is needed?

Fall Protection Anchors

One of the most important items to use within a construction site today has to be the fall protection anchors. Now, these are not only useful, they are necessary and you must consider having them no matter what. Yes, even if you are only one floor up, it doesn’t seem as though you would need fall protection anchors however you will need them. These will protect you when or if you should fall.

Anchorage Connectors

Like the anchors, the connectors are also very important. You can use the horizontal lifelines to help keep everyone safe when they are up on high levels or near edges. Also, you can use beam anchor connectors along with slings which are useful for construction sites. Anchorage connectors are some of the most needed fall protection equipment tools of today.Read more at https://www.osha.gov/dts/shib/shib090104.html

Body Supports

Body supports are really harnesses and it’s these harnesses which provide most on construction sites with additional protection. Now, the harnesses are going to allow those … Read the rest..

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