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      2017 is a turning year for the smart parking industry

             Intelligent three-dimensional garage manufacturers bring new opportunities, the market development needs, coupled with the government's push, I believe the intelligent parking garage can certainly solve the problem of parking. Why is 2017 the turning point of the intelligent parking industry? Take a look at the experts' point of view. Core view:
             Parking policy intensive introduction, parking industrialization will be substantially promoted
      In the central government, a series of policies on parking industrialization have been introduced. At the same time parking lot construction first written in 2016 government report and the 13th Five- Year plan, this is the history of the national level of the parking lot construction period of. At present, the specific parking facilities planning has been introduced, including parking conditions investigation, statistics, land planning, parking pricing, specific parking projects construction and other detailed plans. The parking industry will be substantially promoted, and we believe that 2016 will be a turning point for the intelligent parking garage.
             As an intensive parking mode, the demand for three-dimensional garage will be greatly released
      The average proportion of car ownership and parking space in big cities of China is 1:0.8, small and medium-sized cities are only 1:0.5, and developed countries average 1:1.3. The parking gap is huge. Among them, parking problems are more serious, such as large-scale integrated transportation hub, urban rail transit peripheral station (P+R), hospitals, schools, tourist attractions and other special areas. As a more efficient and intensive parking mode, intelligent parking system becomes the most important solution, and the future demand will be greatly released.

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