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      Three dimensional garage will replace the traditional garage reasons
      With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the problem of parking is becoming more and more obvious. In addition, soaring land prices, land resources shortage, the establishment of a number of parking lots of considerations. The birth of three-dimensional garage makes many people see the hope, all dimensional garage, whether it is appearance or performance, compared with the traditional parking garage, its advantages are incomparable. Because it not only alleviates the shortage of urban space resources, but also adapts to the high pace of life in the city.
      First, affordable provincial resources. The three-dimensional garage has large capacity, saves the province, saves the resources, and can park all kinds of vehicles. From the investment, compared to the same capacity of general garage construction cycle short, save electricity and save land. Vehicle management is also convenient, security protection.
      Second, the exterior looks like an office building. The construction of three-dimensional garage is made of high quality alloy steel, which is suitable for shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and tourist areas. Compared with the traditional underground garage, the new decorative materials create novelty.
      Third, complete facilities and "green" environmental protection. Intelligent operation, the operator does not need to many obstacles such as device, verification device, emergency braking device, to prevent a sudden falling device, overload protection device, leakage protection device, super long and super high vehicle detection device, automatic stereo garage safety system is now complete. If applied to public occasions, it can also be equipped with timing devices to meet the charging requirements. The process of accessing the vehicle can be completed automatically by manual operation or equipped with computer equipment, and has a bright future. Vehicle access to environmental protection, noise free, in line with today's energy conservation and environmental protection initiative.
      It is precisely because of these three advantages, so the development of three-dimensional garage broad prospects, gradually become the modern people love! If you want to buy or know more, please come to consult.