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      Feasibility report and manufacturer ranking analysis of stereoscopic parking lot
      Stereo parking lot is like a raging fire in recent years, the market is fierce, increasing Suizhou city parking, city of private vehicles is increasing, so the first-tier cities in the second city, parking quickly opened the curtain, then accompanied the parking constantly, the market also appears a mechanical stereo parking lot. Mechanical stereo parking lot as a kind of special equipment, can be a good solution to the city parking, parking lot so there is no future development? Which manufacturers of stereo parking equipment have comparative advantages? Today, Anhui Huaxing intelligent parking equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce the feasibility report and analysis of three-dimensional parking equipment, as well as the future development trend of the three-dimensional garage and the importance of the selection of the manufacturers.
      Feasibility report analysis and development background analysis of stereoscopic parking lot
      Parking is difficult, this is the city's problems and major ills. To be specific to this problem: the number of cars increases too fast, parking construction can not keep up the speed of vehicles increased; in the city area and other places, the road resources have been very tight, not to open up more local parking spaces set up, we are from the "rigid" on the analysis of parking resources shortage. Another important factor is related to people's uncivilized parking behavior and habits. In life, many people do not regulate parking, occupying and wasting a lot of parking space resources, and to other people's driving has brought obstacles and security risks.
      At present, some people can not civilized, standardized parking, because they do not know the benefits. Civilized, standardized parking benefits are four points: to facilitate themselves, to facilitate others, reduce security risks, and make parking resources to maximize utilization. In this regard, more publicity and guidance, while uncivilized parking behavior to strengthen punishment, so that these behaviors and problems are no longer committed.
      Manufacturers of stereoscopic parking facilities
      Huaxing Intelligent Company adhering to the "integrity and pragmatic, cooperative spirit, quality assurance, customer first" business philosophy, advocated "people-oriented, quality oriented" management concept, with first-class talents, first-class equipment, first-class management, first-class products, promote the parking equipment industry to a higher and wider field, efforts will the company into the largest China parking equipment industry base. For the cooperation with University of Science & Technology China, HeFei University of Technology and other institutions of higher learning, set up R & D center, quality engineering department, financial department, sales department, production supply and other departments, the humanist management idea and scientific incentive mechanism to attract a large number of professional and technical personnel, the number of employees / technical personnel number: 413 /42, senior professor of engineering and 11 industry experts, 2 people, has 51 patents, is the designated unit of industry standard parking equipment. After more than 10 years of technological innovation and management innovation, the industry is in a leading position. The flexible vehicle safety technology for the domestic initiative, greatly improving the safety of parking equipment operation and transformation projects and get innovation fund project, the national Ministry of science and technology of small and medium-sized enterprises Ministry of national major scientific and technological achievements support.
      China Star intelligence always put the service in the first place. After the completion of the new project, we will send technicians to follow the machine on duty, and train the property operators. With the company's annual new projects increased, the company headquarters customer service Service Department of the "customer service department, dry storage" training a large number of skilled technical personnel, equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance, a good foundation for the customer service service Huayuan Tianma lay, provide sufficient guarantee for you completely.
      In the future the stereo parking lot is very promising, the continuous development of the economy, the future development of parking will also be potential not unexpected, the stereo parking lot in the feasibility of future development is still quite large.