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      Sixteen major predictions of the garage industry in 2017
      In this era of intelligence, master the Internet and industry big data, mastered the lifeblood of an enterprise, and even foresee the future direction of the industry, three-dimensional garage industry is also the same. After tens of thousands of industry data analysis and hundreds of garage enterprises after the investigation, parking network for the three-dimensional garage industry trends in the future made sixteen major predictions:
      1, the super consortia will gradually enter the parking industry, one hundred billion investment volume enterprises will be born, tens of billions of investment volume enterprises began to emerge.
      2, fully intelligent garage market share rapidly rising, lifting, moving and other types of entry into the unprofitable stage, the product sales price close to steel prices.
      In 3 and 2017, at least one hundred new enterprises applied for certificates to enter the three-dimensional garage industry.
      4, venture capital began to wantonly enter the three-dimensional garage industry, only love does not marry embarrassing situation began to improve, some quality enterprises are expected to get huge risk funds.
      5, the country will be the birth of more than ten forms of "trade associations", the manufacturers of various ways to collect money.
      6, the backward areas of city public parking lot construction is almost entirely dependent on various types of bonds or financial capital, characteristics of this kind of capital is the requirement of the whole city parking market.
      7, the central first-tier cities land, the bus parking lot does not allow the expansion bus parking lot to create new opportunities.
      8, garage technology patents valued, large enterprises began frantically patented core technology, the future of enterprises will be no patent infringement was claims may can't do anything, killing a number of enterprises.
      9, parking fees will rise substantially in all cities, or more cities will rise by more than 20%.
      10, stereo garage enterprises will become one of the most important enterprises in each city, and each city will be born in the local garage enterprises, and enjoy the preferential policies of the government in the service of local projects.
      11, the garage industry bosses in the "poor" will not only increase the number of, all profits are reinvested, even almost all enterprises are borrowing to expand the scale of enterprises, enterprise scale is growing, but did not dare to talk about profit!
      12, the new three board, IPO continuous fermentation, but the new three easy IPO difficult.
      13, the stereo garage all kinds of high-end talent into xiangbobo, personnel dispute may cause some treatment no cash business decline.
      14, the Internet, WeChat, circle of friends and other online social circle has become a new marketing battlefield, the majority of owners will be three-dimensional garage "self-taught", the "mouth" marketing era began to decline.
      15, enterprise R & D costs remain high, and professional technology export companies have become a new hot spot.
      16, circle of friends show off their wealth is no longer showing off a few luxury car home, but to show whether the family car garage can be stopped.