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      Three dimensional garage industry 4 era is coming
      "Internet plus manufacturing industry is 4. "Industry 4" is the concept of Germany launched, the United States called "industrial Internet", our country is called "made in China 2025", the three essential content is consistent, all point to a core, that is, intelligent manufacturing. Anhui Huaxing intelligent parking equipment Co., Ltd. is the leading mechanical parking equipment enterprise in China, which is a professional mechanical intelligent parking equipment company.
      A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, "industrial 4" is on the rise. In the future, enterprises will become data enterprises, innovative enterprises, integrated enterprises, and constantly changing enterprises.
      For the entire manufacturing industry, the "industrial 4" is a huge subversion, known as the fourth industrial revolution. This will enable full sharing and exchange of data information, production links in all aspects of information communication more fully, thereby improving production efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, but also make the manufacturing sector as part of the information industry. At the same time, it can also make production flexible and realize mass customization production to meet the needs of customers.

      "Industry 4" is a revolutionary change from the interaction of modern information and software technology with traditional industrial production. This change has a decisive change in the production process, the production of digital technology throughout the life cycle, from product design to production planning, production engineering and production execution to the service, the virtual reality production and production be made one.


      In the three-dimensional garage manufacturing enterprise as an example, in the future in the factory, from the customer reservation "customized" garage began to personalized product design and process, flexible and efficient production line and seamless supplier information exchange, the factory will achieve intelligent flexible manufacturing, which allows consumers to cut faster and more reasonable price for their own personalized products.
      Efficient modular production to meet the individual needs of customers, digital and Internet of things in the future commercial technology change will become the main driving force. Ming and frontier of the modularized and standardized production concept, through the three-dimensional garage decomposition, constitute a single module, realize the three-dimensional garage environmental recycling, through modular design, modular manufacturing, modular assembly, through the effective combination of product variety and parts standardization, the module of batch production. At the same time to meet the personalized requirements of customers to achieve economies of scale, reduce the production cost of enterprises.
      Integration into the "industrial 4" three-dimensional garage, the future will be like this:
      No site measurement, no construction team installation. You only need to go up and down on the Internet to fill in the information about the size of the site, the number of parking spaces and the type of garage. We will directly according to your needs, to you personalized customization, digital production. Modular production of three-dimensional garage installation or disassembly is extremely simple, more environmentally friendly, can be recycled.