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      Promote the development of parking industry, the national development and Reform Commission in action!

      In order to solve the city parking, parking is "two big problems, attract social capital investment in the parking industry, promote the orderly development of the parking industry, since January 2015, the national development and Reform Commission jointly with the relevant ministries have issued a number of important policy related to parking industry.
      Then, what changes have taken place in the parking industry after the implementation of these policies? Is the problem of parking and parking difficult to solve? In order to test the relevant policies on the development of the parking industry role in promoting understanding, encountered problems in the development of the parking industry, listen to the parking industry practitioners on the parking industry policy, the afternoon of January 22, 2017, the national development and Reform Commission Department of basic industries held in Beijing parking industry development forum.
      The forum invited the parking industry associations, business representatives to participate in the parking industry, Dr. Cheng Shidong, director of the Institute of comprehensive transportation deputy director of Department of basic industries, Xiaoqi week public water Commissioner Tian Yanjie, attended the meeting and with the participants of the parking industry associations, parking industry business representatives in-depth exchange of problems and obstacles in the development of the parking industry the listening to the formulation of the parking industry policy recommendations.
      Vice chairman of China City Public Transportation Association Working Committee and Secretary General Liu Ju, China Heavy Machinery Industry Association and President of China Mingyan parking equipment General Secretary Gong Jianping, the National Road parking industry alliance vice chairman Song Xinli on behalf of the parking industry association, deputy general manager of Limited by Share Ltd chairman Li Xiangqi, Hangzhou Ocean Park xizi-iuk parking equipment Co., Ltd. Deputy General Engineer Zhang Ruifeng, Beijing Haibohe Parking Services Limited Sun Liang ETCP, strategic investment and cooperation department director Yang Meng as the parking industry business representatives participated in the seminar.
      The forum by the director Tian Yanjie to the participants introduced policies for the national development and Reform Commission in the previous release of the parking industry, representatives of industry associations and enterprises on behalf of the forum elaborated the encountered problems in the development of the parking industry, mainly as follows:
      1. parking industry policy support at the national level has been more comprehensive, but specific to the local government policy implementation details have not yet been in place.
      2., the parking lot has many investment and construction approval procedures, and there are many examination and approval procedures, and the approval process is too long.
      3., the existing laws and regulations are not perfect enough to solve the problems of land supply, planning, fire safety and so on in the process of investment and construction of urban parking lots.
      4. city parking should give full play to the leverage of financial institutions investment in the process of construction, but the current parking lot property (especially the problem of stereo garage property) and franchise rights issue has seriously hindered the participation of financial institutions.
      Deputy director Zhou Xiaoqi thanked the delegates made problems and suggestions, and said: there are still gradually to understand the current parking industry, the introduction of the policy of landing and there is still a certain gap, there are some problems in current parking lot construction investment approval procedures, should actively try through the improvement of laws and regulations to ensure the follow-up will focus on the pilot city parking lot franchise mechanism, in-depth study of landing parking problem of industrial policy last mile.