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      Division I participated in the Anhui parking service association in 2016

             At the beginning of the new year, the afternoon of January 7th, Anhui province Everything looks fresh and gay., parking service industry association 2016 annual conference and a member of the Council of the three meeting in Hefei, President of the association, vice chairman, executive director and a member of more than 70 people attended the meeting, Huainan City Parking Association, Chuzhou Jindun service center, motor vehicle services Beijing Hui platinum company responsible person also was invited to attend the meeting, the meeting presided over by the Deputy Secretary General Song Huaxin.


             As our vice president, Mr. Ma Jinhua, chairman of the unit (right two), was invited to attend and speak
      The meeting heard and considered the "Anhui province parking service industry association 2016 annual work report", "Anhui province parking service industry association 2016 annual financial report" and "Anhui province parking service industry association self-discipline", a vote by the two report on the work of association and self-discipline convention, the meeting also discussed the "2017 work plan in Anhui province parking service industry association".
             The comrades spoke freely and made many constructive comments and suggestions on the future work of the association. This year, representatives of the new member units also introduced the basic situation of the company at the meeting and exchanged.
             Parking Association should Changchun province president made a concluding speech, fully affirmed the establishment of the association work for a year, a warm welcome to Huainan City Parking Association, Chuzhou Jindun, Hui platinum company leaders were invited to attend the meeting, all members of the support units thanked. We should put forward specific requirements for president of the association in 2017: one is the work of good work leading industry policy, industry of new technology and new mode; the two is to strengthen the exchange of information between members, take a variety of ways to carry out activities; the three is to give the member association in a timely manner to provide valuable information and industry policy; four is to strengthen the self construction of the Association; the five is to strengthen international cooperation. Should the president hope each member unit to stand in the city development level, strengthen unity and consensus, overcome difficulties, adhere to the wisdom of parking for the lead, promote the development of parking industrialization, create a new situation in the province to stop work.