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      Thousands of miles away in China Xingfeng ambition
             Recently, the author with the county CPPCC leaders to Anhui Huaxing intelligent parking equipment Co., Ltd. to study and visit, and the county CPPCC Standing Committee, chairman of the company Ma Jinhua interviewed. "As of October 2012, the output value was 260 million yuan, and more than 300 yuan was paid for the whole year, and more than 200 people were employed. At present, Anhui's comprehensive strength among the industry ranks among the best......" The county level key enterprises with a total output value of 250 million yuan and tax of 3 million 400 thousand yuan......" The interview has yet to begin, and a string of numbers displayed on a piece of material before it has highlighted the strength of the business. At present, in many enterprises appear production and marketing cold situation, Anhui Huaxing intelligent parking equipment Co., Ltd. is how to achieve the production and marketing of steel? The author thus opened the box.
             In 1998, Ma Jinhua led a group of people in high and vigorous spirits in Liaoyuan Road West Feidong new city development zone established Huaxing metal structure engineering company, just a few years, Huaxing company to create millions of square steel structure engineering, engineering 100% pass rate, won the users and the industry's trust and praise. In 2008, the market competition of steel structure became more and more fierce, and the industry became more and more mature. In January 2009, the Anhui Huaxing intelligent parking equipment Co., Ltd. was established, which specializes in the development, design, manufacture and installation of multi-storey intelligent parking equipment. The company independently developed intelligent parking equipment products, such as safety, automatic flexible vehicle loading technology, anti fall device and stroke control, etc., and have won 19 national patents. At present, the intelligent parking equipment company developed in Chongqing City, Shanghai, Beijing and other domestic municipal units, a plurality of cell        applications, products by users, the product market share among the forefront of the industry, the output value of the company from 42 million yuan in 2010 to 260 million yuan this year.
             Regardless of technology, the market, as long as there is talent support, enterprise development will have an endless flow of power. That's what Ma Jinhua knows. Huaxing intelligent development at the beginning of Ma Jinhua and industry, graduate institutions, joint development, play production, learning and research, the introduction of domestic well-known industry experts, technical personnel recruitment of a number of strong sense of responsibility and doing things at the same time, take the going out and bringing in "strategy, organization and technical personnel excellent from the company to go to college for training, invited the world's top five hundred enterprises (such as OMRON, Schneider, etc.) to regular technical training for enterprises, and lay a solid foundation for the enterprise to achieve stable, sustainable development of enterprises, independent innovation. Ma Jinhua paid more attention to personnel training in technical management and stability, using the same technique of internal project bidding system, taking innovation as the goal, to save cost and control cost as evaluation method, to find a positive initiative to mobilize and train the talent of innovation consciousness, technical personnel, to create a comfortable space for the growth of talent. The company in the development of the capital investment is increasing year by year, 1 million 800 thousand yuan from the year 2011 to 6 million 700 thousand yuan in 2012, the enterprise has obtained the national high-tech enterprise "title, patented more than 20, independent innovation products, key new products, innovative enterprises in Hefei, Hefei City, 228 innovation team of Anhui Province, famous trademarks such as the honorary title, and won the Hefei city parking equipment Engineering Technology Research Center (unique and exclusive). Independent research and development of landscape waterproof intelligent parking equipment to fill the gaps in the industry.
             I learned in the interview, in addition to leading technology, to ensure the quality of the business philosophy, adhere to the child into the enterprise, the innovation of talent cultivation, is a successful business Huaxing company. In August 2011, Jinhua's first horse "child into the enterprise regulations, the provisions of the elders" as the primary standard of assessment, will be regarded as enterprise employees parents parents, in order to guide the staff to establish correct moral values. "We adhere to the parents of employees is the enterprise's parents, every month to work for more than three years of staff parents each 100 yuan" filial piety old capital "."." As an entrepreneur, standing committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Ma Jinhua in the development of enterprises at the same time, but also concerned about the development of home. At the end of 2011, Ma Jinhua County in all walks of life a solemn promise: 2012 will support 5-10 Small and micro businesses become regulated companies, will be from the original Beijing Huaxing accessories factory, Zhejiang, Shandong province received peripheral, based on Feidong local, county enterprises can do not go outside the county. Sure enough, by the end of November that year, 5 enterprises have accumulated Huaxing company to complete the matching value of more than 5300 yuan. So far, the company has formed 80% parking equipment parts, supplied by local enterprises.
             "Enterprise development, return the society is our ideal, at the same time is our responsibility."." As the Standing Committee of the county CPPCC, Ma Jinhua actively participate in government and political affairs, become rich, do not forget the home building, and do not forget the public welfare undertakings. He actively supported the construction of roads, water conservancy home since 1997, village office, has donated about 130 thousand yuan; help the elderly donated nearly million. Wenchuan earthquake, Ma Jinhua led the company staff donations nearly 50 thousand yuan, every year to charity donations of tens of thousands of yuan.