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      Scorching sun cap, big, quick dry, completed - China smart two phase of the main frame of the plant successfully completed
          June 16th, the outdoor temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, but in the Hefei circular economy demonstration park, Huaxing heart, the actual temperature has reached 100 degrees Celsius, blood boiling.

          At 10 o'clock in the morning, the sun could not withstand the Huaxing inner excitement and passion, with the last one beam of the overall framework of intelligent factory two Huaxing complete the connection, two plants in Anhui Huaxing intelligent parking equipment Co., the company successfully completed the cap.

          It is reported that Anhui Huaxing intelligent parking equipment Co. Ltd. in Hefei circular economy demonstration park in 2013, the company has invested 260 million dollars in two phases to build an annual output of 210000 parking spaces for intelligent parking project, one phase of the project completed and put into production in 2014. The cap is China Star intelligence two phase project, the plant covers an area of 24000 square meters, the actual use area of 22000 square meters, started in 2016, is expected to be put into production in October this year.
           Huaxing after the completion of the two phase of the project, the company's overall production capacity will achieve a breakthrough upgrade, annual car number will reach 140000, Huaxing intelligence will become the enterprises in Anhui province the largest area, parking equipment enterprise production capacity of the strongest.

      Domineering couplets, sustenance of China's future development of intelligence

      Huaxing people visited the two plants in the cap.

      Site personnel instruct installation of the last cross member