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How to Properly Store and Care for Fall Protection Equipment

Fall protection equipment is very important and can last years when it remains in good condition. Most will realize how crucial fall protection items are because if you should fall you need to have something there to prevent you from getting hurt. However, very few really take serious care of their fall protection items and end up damaging them to the point where they need replacing. How to properly store and care for your safety equipment?

Harnesses Should Be Hung Up

Harnesses are easily crushed and damaged when they are squeezed into cupboards and storage boxes. This means the harnesses are potentially risky to use even on a basic construction job because they cannot be used when they are damaged. Instead you should look to hanging up the harnesses in safe areas as soon as you are finished with them. It’s the same with fall protection anchors; they should be stored very carefully away from sharp tools which could cause damage.

Don’t Leave Fall Protection Equipment Out In the Elements

One of the worst things any construction worker can do is leave their items outside because the weather will get to them. Rain can easily degrade the equipment leaving them unsafe to use and in actual fact you will need to replace them. This can be very costly so instead, look at storing all fall protection equipment indoors at all times. It will reduce the risk of them getting damaged and make the items a lot easier to locate too. Find out related information here.

Cool, Dry Places Are Needed

Too hot or too cold temperatures can do a lot of damage to fall protection equipment and you need to remember this whilst caring and storing your items. When storing the items indoors you must find a safe location, one which is dry and cool. You could look at storing in a garage or workshop which doesn’t get lots of direct sunlight and isn’t too cold either. This is something well worth remembering when it comes to storing and caring for your work tools and fall protection items safely.

Safe Locations

Remember, fall protection anchors aren’t toys yet so many people leave the equipment in plain view of children. Let’s face it, children are children, they play with anything they can get their hands on and they will end up playing with the fall protection items too. Every piece of equipment must to kept in a safe location at all times where no pets or children can get to them.

Cleaning the Equipment

Cleaning fall protection equipment is just as important as how you store them because you need to keep them clean and tidy for every use. So, when you have finished using the items, you should use a damp sponge and carefully sponge the items down to remove residue. Do not immerse or soak items fully because that could damage them, just carefully sponge down.

Care for Your Equipment

Your fall protection items are some of the most useful equipment today yet too many people don’t take proper care of them. When the equipment isn’t cared for it can become very grubby and easily become damaged and put aside the money issues for a moment, it’s extremely dangerous. Care for your fall protection equipment and keep them in top condition.

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