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Starting a portable welding business require the services of clients and firms that lack welding supplies and expertise. A portable welding business is lucrative for a young entrepreneur who has the talent and which to establish his own small-scale business. This business plan needs procedures and little finance to set up; the most important tools needed are a welding helmet, miller welding helmet, and a welding machine. Welding business can generate a constant flow of income for a starter if only he has the required skills, certification, licensure, mobile equipment, and a Van. With these tools, you can market your products sell effectively.

Tips for a Successful Portable Welding Business

Mobile welders are in great demand either for a commercial or residential purpose in the industrialized nations. Before starting a portable welding business, there are several tips that are put into consideration for a successful welding business and they include.

  • Acquire a training and certification from a certified welding School

Before becoming a certified and skilled welder to enable you to start a portable welding business, you need to acquire knowledge of welding and fabrication by searching for the best convenient and affordable welding school to attend. This education obtained will help you obtain licensure that will make people know that you are a qualified and certified welder after passing the required exams.

  • Make a purchase of Welding Tools

This is the most important tool for starting up a portable … Read the rest..

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Fall protection equipment is very important and can last years when it remains in good condition. Most will realize how crucial fall protection items are because if you should fall you need to have something there to prevent you from getting hurt. However, very few really take serious care of their fall protection items and end up damaging them to the point where they need replacing. How to properly store and care for your safety equipment?

Harnesses Should Be Hung Up

Harnesses are easily crushed and damaged when they are squeezed into cupboards and storage boxes. This means the harnesses are potentially risky to use even on a basic construction job because they cannot be used when they are damaged. Instead you should look to hanging up the harnesses in safe areas as soon as you are finished with them. It’s the same with fall protection anchors; they should be stored very carefully away from sharp tools which could cause damage.

Don’t Leave Fall Protection Equipment Out In the Elements

One of the worst things any construction worker can do is leave their items outside because the weather will get to them. Rain can easily degrade the equipment leaving them unsafe to use and in actual fact you will need to replace them. This can be very costly so instead, look at storing all fall protection equipment indoors at all times. It will reduce the risk of them getting damaged … Read the rest..

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The idea of a custom helmet is to let your personality show. Lots of differing types of helmets are available from skulls to flames, to hellraisers, to NASCAR helmets. The choice is yours.

Most people opt for an auto-darkening helmet that is sometimes referred to as an auto welding helmet. From a name brand standpoint, the Miller welding helmet is by far the most popular but for the specific look you are going for it may require you to buy something other than a Miller helmet.

Some of the custom looks are derived from using a full or partial decal on the welding helmet. Others do not use decals but instead use an airbrush to complete the design. Custom welding helmets that have airbrushed designs are usually more expensive due to the extra time it takes to make these helmets. The great thing about airbrushed helmets is that your imagination only limits your choice of design. You can go from mild to wild, but most people opt for something on the wild side. Why else would you want a custom helmet? Read more at http://www.weldingoutfitter.com/

Just about all custom helmets are also auto darkening too. The cost of an auto darkening is higher than a non-auto-darkening helmet but if you are looking for a custom helmet, then you might as well get the best protection too. Due to their design the auto darkening welding helmets are usually larger than … Read the rest..