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Welding business

Starting a portable welding business require the services of clients and firms that lack welding supplies and expertise. A portable welding business is lucrative for a young entrepreneur who has the talent and which to establish his own small-scale business. This business plan needs procedures and little finance to set up; the most important tools needed are a welding helmet, miller welding helmet, and a welding machine. Welding business can generate a constant flow of income for a starter if only he has the required skills, certification, licensure, mobile equipment, and a Van. With these tools, you can market your products sell effectively.

Tips for a Successful Portable Welding Business

Mobile welders are in great demand either for a commercial or residential purpose in the industrialized nations. Before starting a portable welding business, there are several tips that are put into consideration for a successful welding business and they include.

  • Acquire a training and certification from a certified welding School

Before becoming a certified and skilled welder to enable you to start a portable welding business, you need to acquire knowledge of welding and fabrication by searching for the best convenient and affordable welding school to attend. This education obtained will help you obtain licensure that will make people know that you are a qualified and certified welder after passing the required exams.

  • Make a purchase of Welding Tools

This is the most important tool for starting up a portable … Read the rest..

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Fall protection equipment

Using the successful completion of OSHA’s Stand Down for Basic safety event the other day, I’m sure there will be much more people searching for fall protection equipment. If you are, it might mix your brain to take a peek through the neighborhood classifieds to see when you can find much on some “slightly used but not abused” products, such as harnesses, lanyards, and maybe even an SRL.

Good idea? In the end, if the gear looks good and seems to work, it should be just fine, right? Not fast.


Let’s say you will find a fall protection equipment. It appears good, does not have any frayed or cut webbing, and, by golly, the impact signal is still unchanged. Best of all, the person is selling it for half the original price, not bad! But prior to going laying out your hard-earned cash, consider the next: you have NO idea what that harness has been subjected to. None. No. Nada. Zip. The dude says he scarcely even wore it, but how about the guy before him? Who knows how many users the harness has had and how they took good care of it? Perhaps the thing has been sitting out in sunlight, being strike with UV rays (rendering it potentially brittle) day in and day trip – you think he’ll let you know that?

And how about the impact indication?

It isn’t deployed so … Read the rest..


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Many people do welding for job purpose, and other do it as their hobby. But both of these require welding supplies. Welding supplies are necessary for the people who want to manufacture new items out of metal. Whether you are working on a small project or working on a massive project like building a motorcycle in your garage, you need welding supplies.

Welding supply retailers:

Some of the retailers who provide welding supplies are given below:

  • Miller Welds
  • Arc 3 gasses
  • Matheson gas
  • Harbor freight
  • Praxair Direct
  • Lincoln Electric
  • The whole sale welding supplies
  • Welder Supply
  • Wesco weld
  • Holm and Holm
  • Royal welding
  • Welding Supplies from IOC
  • Welding and welder
  • Welding mart
  • Token tools
  • Weld fabulous

Services provision by retailers:

All of these retailers provide high-quality welding supplies that are made to last. They will provide all the welding supplies on discounted price. These equipments include equipment for welding, soldering, plasma cutting and much more. They have highly qualified staff has all the knowledge about your particular need and guide you for the best tool for your project.


Products supply by the retailers:

A range of the goods is provided by the retailers. Some of the products that are provided include:

  • Welding and cutting equipment
  • Welding gases
  • Filler metals
  • Abrasives
  • Consumables
  • Gas apparatus
  • Fabrication equipment
  • Safety equipment
    Visit this site : http://www.weldingoutfitter.com

Safety equipment

Safety equipments are necessary for doing any welding work. One of the very important safety … Read the rest..

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Falls are the leading cause of death and injury in construction. More than 828 workplaces deaths in private construction as reported by Bureau of Labor Statistic during 2015 and 36% of this were caused by fall from heights.  This is equally troubling that fall protection equipment is again the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) most cited standard in worksite inspection.

It’s very easy to see how personal fall protection equipment can help you.

Correct Equipment for Our body is our greatest asset, bar none

This is why you should do everything to protect it. Now, we don’t have to wear this equipment every day. After all, it would be very hard to enjoy life if you’re going to be paranoid. However, there are instances when they are must-haves and non-negotiable.

These are the instances that you should wear fall protection equipment because wearing it is the safe and logical thing to do. This would usually depend on your job or what you’re doing. However, it’s good to know what these instances are.

This way, you’ll be able to know how the equipment can help you. So here are just some of the ways on how it can help you:

The collect Fall Arrest Equipment

For a fall to be arrested in a controlled manner, it is of utmost importance that there is enough energy absorption capacity within the fall arrest system. If the energy absorption being present … Read the rest..

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The different types of personal protective equipment include fall protection equipment and several other items that should indeed be part of your budget or even be asked in your company.Personal protective equipment in responsible for protecting workers and guaranteeing safety against risks that threaten their health and physical integrity. They are especially used in risk functions in production lines where the noise is large, or activities in heights above 2 meters from the lower level.

Getting to know the differentfall protection equipment

The types of personal protective equipment PPE used may vary depending on the activity to be performed or the risks it may bring the safety and health of workers and part of the body to be protected. This also includes fall protection anchors.

Types of personal protective equipment (PPE) most common are:

  • Hearing protection: earmuffs noise and ear protectors;
  • Respiratory protection: masks and filter;
  • Visual and facial protection: goggles and visors;
  • Head protection: helmets;
  • Protection of hands and arms: gloves and hoses;
  • Protection of legs and feet, shoes, boots and boots;
  • Fall Protection: safety belts and belts.

It is the employer’s responsibility to provide this protective equipment and workers’ responsibility to use properly and when exposed to risky activities. Visit this site for more information : http://www.fallprotectionpros.com/

Importance of personal protective equipment Types


The Personal Protective Equipment also known as PPE is every device or product, individual character used by the worker, intended to protect against risks … Read the rest..

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Fall protection equipment

Falls are the leading cause of death in construction accidents, according to OSHA statistics. More than 85 percent of falls that occur in the workplace require lost work time and that is, why fall protection equipment are so important. Fall protection equipment is required when working on any structure in which someone could fall over 7 1/2 feet, trusses and beams higher than 15 feet, and steep roofs.

Bannister, baseboards and other obstacles should be used whenever possible. At other times, workers have to rely on personal fall protection equipment. Fences, barriers and whole covers also protect workers from the risk of falling. No work should always continue to fall protection is in place. Personal fall systems may including several items, depending on the activity, some are retractable lanyards, welding supplies, fall protection anchors, miller welding helmet and many others.

Every detail counts

Personal fall arrest systems keep a worker from hitting a lower level or structure. These systems include a full body harness, and connectors and fall protection anchors. They may include a lifeline or deceleration device. Personal fall restraint systems to keep workers from getting too close to edges. They include a belt or full body harness, connectors and anchors. They may include lifelines, lanyards and rope grabs. The fall protection equipment should be labeled to meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements and should be right for the job.

Network Security Networks

Security should be hung loosely … Read the rest..

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Fall protection equipment is very important and can last years when it remains in good condition. Most will realize how crucial fall protection items are because if you should fall you need to have something there to prevent you from getting hurt. However, very few really take serious care of their fall protection items and end up damaging them to the point where they need replacing. How to properly store and care for your safety equipment?

Harnesses Should Be Hung Up

Harnesses are easily crushed and damaged when they are squeezed into cupboards and storage boxes. This means the harnesses are potentially risky to use even on a basic construction job because they cannot be used when they are damaged. Instead you should look to hanging up the harnesses in safe areas as soon as you are finished with them. It’s the same with fall protection anchors; they should be stored very carefully away from sharp tools which could cause damage.

Don’t Leave Fall Protection Equipment Out In the Elements

One of the worst things any construction worker can do is leave their items outside because the weather will get to them. Rain can easily degrade the equipment leaving them unsafe to use and in actual fact you will need to replace them. This can be very costly so instead, look at storing all fall protection equipment indoors at all times. It will reduce the risk of them getting damaged … Read the rest..

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Providing proper tools and training for fall protection on finished residential buildings is a challenge, but it’s necessary, and with the right equipment and information/education it’s certainly possible to provide the appropriate fall protection.

While other industries have come to the realization that working at height without protection is one of the most dangerous things done at worksites — leading them to implement complex fall protection plans, prove thorough training for workers, and demand customized fall arrest systems unique to a particular industry’s needs — there has been little headway in providing personal fall protection for workers working on finished residential homes. Read more at http://www.masonrymagazine.com/7-02/prevention.html

One reason people disregard fall protection on finished residential homes is that many people frequently do similar jobs themselves, e.g., patching roofs, cleaning gutters, and hanging Christmas lights. This familiarity and nonchalance with working at heights are a reason fall hazards often go unnoticed in the established residential sector. Another reason is that legislators and enforcement agencies like OSHA have not pushed for better regulation like they have in the construction industry, which has strict standards for personal protective and personal fall arrest equipment. A final reason is that proper tools and systems haven’t been developed or aren’t readily available for setup and protection when working at heights. Click here to read more info about fall protection.

Looking Toward the Future

One improvement in fall protection on finished residential homes would be building codes … Read the rest..

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Custom Welding Helmet

The idea of a custom helmet is to let your personality show. Lots of differing types of helmets are available from skulls to flames, to hellraisers, to NASCAR helmets. The choice is yours.

Most people opt for an auto-darkening helmet that is sometimes referred to as an auto welding helmet. From a name brand standpoint, the Miller welding helmet is by far the most popular but for the specific look you are going for it may require you to buy something other than a Miller helmet.

Some of the custom looks are derived from using a full or partial decal on the welding helmet. Others do not use decals but instead use an airbrush to complete the design. Custom welding helmets that have airbrushed designs are usually more expensive due to the extra time it takes to make these helmets. The great thing about airbrushed helmets is that your imagination only limits your choice of design. You can go from mild to wild, but most people opt for something on the wild side. Why else would you want a custom helmet? Read more at http://www.weldingoutfitter.com/

Just about all custom helmets are also auto darkening too. The cost of an auto darkening is higher than a non-auto-darkening helmet but if you are looking for a custom helmet, then you might as well get the best protection too. Due to their design the auto darkening welding helmets are usually larger than … Read the rest..

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Fall arrest and lifeline roof anchors are specifically designed for providing fall protection to workers whose jobs involve, for example, exterior work on buildings and similar structures. Properly made safety equipment, including fall arrest anchors, will prevent falls and consequent injuries in the workplace.Click here to read more info about fall arrest system.

It’s important to note that thorough training is required for employees that will be performing their duties at heights as a result of the hazardous environments where they will be working, and employers are required to have proper fall protection policies. After fall arrest systems are installed, all staff members should receive hands-on training regarding the use of fall prevention equipment. Read more at http://www.weldingoutfitter.com/

Roof-mounted tieback anchors are a critical component of any four-step personal fall arrest system — anchorage, full-body harness, safety lanyard or lifeline, and deceleration device — and must adhere to OSHA regulations. Tieback anchors are required for all workers requiring rope skills to access work areas.


Roof repairs, painting jobs, and window washing services all require a comprehensive safety system because they involve a suspension. In addition to absorbing loads as part of a personal fall arrest system, single-point anchors enable workers to negotiate corners and three-way intersections. The chief use of roof-mounted tiebacks is for single-point tie-offs and horizontal lifeline usage for rope access. There are anchors for temporary or permanent installation designed for both flat and pitched roofs that … Read the rest..

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